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Own a dog? You'll apparently live longer!


Dog owners have lower risk of death, according to new study

Guest speakers; Nathan Williams, Pet Psychologist joins John and Garry.

Stress Free Guide to Dog Washing - 1of2

Stress Free Guide to Dog Washing


Radio Interview - 6PR882 News Talk



Prepare pooch for the park - Hills Shire Times Article


Mornings with Sonia and David - When Dogs Attack feat. Nathan Williams


Who does Jackie O trust when it comes to working with her puppy and daughter?


Channel Nine ask Nathan Williams, Dog Behaviour Specialist asked about Dogs and Human Voice


If you've been amazed at the way your dog seems to understand what you're saying, it could be because their brains are wired in similar ways to those of humans.

Sunday Telegraph Interview Photo

Sunday Telegraph Article on Dog Psychology with Nathan Williams - Dog Behaviour Specialst


Nathan Williams, Dog Behaviour Specialist on Channel 7's Sunrise


Researchers have found the relationship between dogs and their owners is similar to a parent and child. Dog behaviour specialist Nathan Williams explains.

Dog Behaviour Specialist Launches New Site


We are happy to see you using our new site.

We have worked really hard on it over the last few months with the goal being to provide not just information on our services, but to regularly provide hints, tips and news about dogs, puppies, government policies, rescue stories and more.

Dog Behaviour Specialist on Kerrie Anne's Show on Channel 9


Kerrie Anne was joined by Dog Whisperer and Animal Psychologist Nathan Williams Live in the Studio with some tips to stop your dogs barking.

Nathan Williams is one of Australia's leading experts in treating psychological and behavioural issues in dogs. Through his own mobile practice, Nathan personally treats dogs on a daily basis with a variety of problems ranging from common issues such as barking, chewing furniture and jumping up on people, to larger, more serious issues including aggression, self harm and severe abuse cases.

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