About Nathan Williams,
The Dog Behaviour Specialist 

Nathan is Australia’s leading dog psychology expert and dog behaviour specialist covering the Sydney Metro Area

These days Nathan is run off his feet helping people with their dogs – and he loves it!  He is featured in the media to discuss all topics related to dog behaviour. Nathan donates his time working with problematic dogs in animal shelters so that they can find new homes.  He also works tirelessly to dispel myths surrounding so-called ‘vicious’ breeds such as Pit Bulls and Bull Mastiffs.

The Past

Losing Junior.  
Locating a horse whisperer.  
Finding his gift.

Many years ago Nathan rescued a Pit Bull Terrier from the pound called Junior. Junior was an anxious dog, and when Nathan took him home he showed him lots of affection to calm his anxiety, not realising that the affection was actually making Junior’s anxiety worse.

Junior had several behaviour problems, he would: pull on the lead, try to escape every time Nathan wasn’t around, and harm himself.

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Achieving his mission.

Nathan’s mission is two-fold: 

To help people better understand dogs in order to have happy and fulfilling relationships with them.

To help save dogs from mistreatment and death, world-wide.

The way to achieve his life mission is by offering large-scale education through the mass media.  He is proud to report that a television show on a prime time network is currently in the pipeline. 

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Nathan's Pack

Nathan’s Pack

Nathan’s pack comprises of Zeus, Nugget and Ted. 

Zeus is a Mastiff cross Ridgeback that Nathan rescued; Nugget is an English Staffordshire Terrier who was lost, neglected and unclaimed (and found himself happily living his days with Nathan). Last but far from least, Ted is a purebred Bull Mastiff who is the newest (but soon-to-be biggest!) member of the pack.

Depending on a client’s dog problem, Nathan may bring one of his pack members to a session. Each of his dogs has a different personality and energy, and Nathan will choose a pack member depending on the known symptoms of the dog he is visiting.

For example, Zeus is incredibly sensitive and will completely ignore another dog at Nathan's request, which is perfect if Nathan is working with a dog that shows aggression toward other dogs. 


Elliot Mason
Dog Behaviour Specialist

With the same passion and mission as Nathan, Elliot had been handling and working with dogs for many years.

He has now worked with Nathan for the past few years, developing his skills, knowledge and understanding to become a Dog Behaviour Specialist. Elliot has worked with the full spectrum of problematic behaviours with fantastic results, leaving a path of well balanced dogs with very happy owners. Elliot covers half of the Sydney Metropolitan area, so if you are closer to Cronulla than Castle Hill, Elliot will give you the help that you need.

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