Nathan, Junior and Hugo

Nathan had obedience trainers come out to his home but their methods didn’t work, and more importantly, they didn’t seem to make sense.   

So Nathan embarked on his own learning, which unfortunately started too late, because he returned home one night to find that Junior had escaped. He never returned.

The extreme pain and loss of losing Junior motivated Nathan to launch into intensive learning about dog psychology, dog behaviour and dog anatomy. Although he started formal training in the field, the basis of his expertise wasn’t gained through formal qualifications, but through learning from dogs themselves. A major turning point in his learning was when he visited and learned from a horse trainer who was known as a horse whisperer – only then did animal behaviour start to make more sense. 

With his new-found knowledge and skills, Nathan started helping friends with their dogs, achieving fast and remarkable results. Word spread and pretty soon he was the dog behavioural specialist that so many people wanted to work with. 

He’s worked with thousands of dogs and counting…

Nathan and Hugo

Hugo - the gentle giant

Hugo was Nathan’s beloved purebred Bull Mastiff who died from a rare health condition at the tender age of two, in 2012. 

The printed footprints on Nathan’s van are Hugo’s actual footprints – big footprints to match a very big heart.  (RIP Hugo, you’re missed every single day).

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