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The Dog Behaviour Specialist

You will get results. He will empower you to solve your dog’s behaviour problems or prevent them within your puppy in one session.

Knowing what to do and how to do it right is obviously important, so get it right with your puppy now and if you've been to dog training for months or have struggled with dog behaviour problems for years, you’ll find it hard to believe that Nathan Williams can show you how to solve your dog’s behaviour problems within one session. But he can, and he does, nearly every single day. Overall, most dog behaviour problems are a result of a lack of clear leadership from loving owners, which results in stress or anxiety in the dog, causing behavioural problems.

Lack of clear Leadership Stress and Anxiety for your dog =  Behaviour Problems

Nathan’s methodology involves helping you to understand how your dog’s mind works so that you can correctly interpret their behaviour and start modifying your own. This way you solve the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. 

Save time, save money.  Totally convenient! 

Many of Nathan's clients have spent thousands of dollars on dog training sessions, only to find that their dog still has behaviour problems.

When you work with Nathan Williams, you aren’t asked to attend weekly sessions at some alternative location. The problems are explored in your home, which is where they originated, and where they will be solved. In one session you will understand the unique reasons why your dog is having problems, and you will learn hands-on techniques to solve them.

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You receive dog psychology
not obedience training.
There's a big difference.

When you hear the term ‘dog training’ it is often associated with obedience training, which is where you teach your dog commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’.   

Obedience training has a place in society for all dogs, but is not effective when trying to solve behaviour problems.

Obedience training can take a long time and often uses rewards such as food treats. This is ineffective when treating behaviour problems because it teaches the dog to follow the food, not the owner, and therefore the owner will never be a leader in the dog's eyes. 

Treats can be a tool that can create a positive association, in much the same way as affection can.  But even though a dog might want a treat, the dog doesn’t need a treat in order to learn that you’re in control.

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An individualised solution from your Dog Behaviour Specialist, not a generic system from a franchise.

Dog Behaviour Specialist is not a franchise, it’s a registered company owned and managed by Nathan Williams.

Typically, franchise owners follow a standard system that is used for all dogs. Nathan Williams is different. While lack of clear leadership is the cause of most dog’s behaviour problems, he looks at the individual reasons why your dog is having specific behaviour problems (such as barking), taking into account your family, your interactions, your house, your yard, your neighbours, your mood – your entire family fingerprint.   

There may be five barking dogs on the same street, but each dog may bark for different reasons, which means each dog needs their own tailored solution and techniques in order to stop barking.  What works for one dog may not work for another. 

A long-term solution and help from someone who genuinely cares.

If you are willing to actively implement your Dog Behaviour Specialist's strategies as part of your everyday interactions with your dog, then you will have a happy and relaxed dog forever. Unlike common dog training methods, Nathan uses dog psychology to focus on the root cause of your dog’s behaviour problems, as opposed to treating the symptoms.  That’s why it is a long-term solution.

Working with dogs isn’t just a job for Nathan, he is gifted and uses it to help people from all walks of life, every day of the week. 

Read about his life’s mission. Get in touch with Nathan. Book online.

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