Who is Nathan?

Nathan Williams is Australia's leading forward thinking expert in dog psychology and behavioural issues in dogs.

We help all dogs great and small

From maltese terriers to great danes, from puppies to seniors we can help


Dog Training Sydney | Dog Behaviour & Obedience Training

Why our process works

We teach you how your dog’s mind works, so that you can either prevent issues by working with your puppy early on or solve the root cause of your dog’s problems, rather than constantly treating the symptoms. 

What is our process?

Dog training hasn’t worked for you? Don’t feel bad, it’s not your fault… it doesn’t work for anyone. Find out what happens when we visit your home for a dog behaviour session. It’s dog whispering at its best!

Q&A with Your Dog Behaviour Specialist

Nathan answers some of your most commonly asked questions about dog / puppy behaviour problems and how his dog psychology services can help solve or prevent them.

Does your dog have any or all of the following behaviour problems?

If so, help is just one phone call away. Nathan works in all areas of Sydney and can provide phone consultations to interstate and overseas clients.

Get in touch for more information on how Nathan can empower you to solve your dog’s behaviour problems through hands-on techniques, education, leadership training and practical exercises--in a single in-home session.

If you feel a mixture of relief and excitement from just reading this website, imagine how you’ll feel when you see us rapidly transform your dog's behaviour!

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