Why you should choose
The Dog Behaviour Specialist

You will get results. He will empower you to solve your dog’s behaviour problems or prevent them within your puppy in one session.

Knowing what to do and how to do it right is obviously important, so get it right with your puppy now and if you've been to dog training for months or have struggled with dog behaviour problems for years, you’ll find it hard to believe that Nathan Williams can show you how to solve your dog’s behaviour problems within one session. But he can, and he does, nearly every single day. Overall, most dog behaviour problems are a result of a lack of clear leadership from loving owners, which results in stress or anxiety in the dog, causing behavioural problems.

Lack of clear Leadership = Stress and Anxiety for your dog = Behaviour Problems

I'd dealt with this for years and tried everything to change it, from dog walkers for the extreme amounts of energy, to obedience training, positive ‘treat’ training; basically anything I could to help her, but unfortunately no change.

100% Happiness

At the end of your session, if you don’t understand the root causes of your dog’s behaviour problems and you haven’t learned effective, hands-on techniques to solve these problems, then you will receive your money back. 

Your Behaviour Specialist will achieve the results you want, but it is up to you to maintain those results by doing exactly as you’ve been shown.

Over Fifteen Years of Experience

Thousands of Happy Customers & Dogs

Save time, save money. Totally convenient!
Many of Nathan's clients have spent thousands of dollars on dog training sessions, only to find that their dog still has behaviour problems.

When you work with Nathan Williams, you aren’t asked to attend weekly sessions at some alternative location. The problems are explored in your home, which is where they originated, and where they will be solved. In one session you will understand the unique reasons why your dog is having problems, and you will learn hands-on techniques to solve them.

You receive dog psychology not obedience training. There's a big difference.

An individualised solution from your Dog Behaviour Specialist, not a generic system from a franchise.

A long-term solution and help from someone who genuinely cares.

Working with dogs isn’t just a job for Nathan, he is gifted and uses it to help people from all walks of life, every day of the week.