Dog Behaviour Problems

We help you to focus on the root cause of your dog’s behaviour problems, and provides you with hands-on techniques, education, leadership training and practical exercises to help you solve the problems.

If left unsolved, some of the dog behavioural problems listed below can lead to these issues.
Every behavioural problem can be solved, so these consequences are completely avoidable.

Common Dog Behaviour Problems

Biting of Any Kind

Whether it’s nipping or mouth grabbing during play, this behaviour should always be unacceptable.

Left unsolved, this problem could become serious.


Dogs show anxiety in different ways, they may:

A human’s natural reaction in these circumstances is to offer affection, but unfortunately the act of showing affection can actually make the dog more anxious and unhappy. If a dog shows anxious behaviours for whatever reason, he or she needs (and deserves) help.

Pulling On
The Lead

Pulling on the lead is not ‘good exercise’ for a dog. No matter what the breed, allowing your dog to pull on the lead is mentally unhealthy and will lead to a whole range of other behavioural problems. 

If you get the walk right, a lot of other things will fall into place. If you’re the leader on the walk, you’re the leader in the house, and in everyday life.

Nathan will show you how to walk your dog on a loose lead. It is possible, and in most cases it can be achieved within minutes.


Although it may seem sweet or loving when a dog jumps up onto you, the reality is that when a dog puts his paws on you it will result in the dog feeling more dominant over you; which leads to a series of other problems.

The bottom line is that sweet, submissive, respectful dogs don’t jump up on people, but dogs with behaviour problems do. A dog that jumps on people can accidentally cause serious injury to anyone, but especially to children and the elderly. Jumping up on people is a behavioural problem that must be addressed.


A dog should never display any kind of aggression, even in the name of being protective.

If a dog displays aggression, it’s a sign that they may need more solid leadership.

Even though you may be a great leader, your dog may not be understanding your leadership, so we need to clarify that understanding.

Dog aggression can lead to serious consequences, for both you and your dog.


The only time a dog should bark is if there is an intruder or serious threat - a balanced dog will know the difference.

Most dog owners accept barking because they think that it’s a dog’s way of communicating. In the dog world, a balanced pack of dogs don’t communicate to each other by barking; their communication is much more subtle.

If your dog is barking inappropriately, then he or she is far from happy and it’s likely that they feel like they’re in a leadership role, which can result in a lot of stress and anxiety.

No matter what behavioural problem your dog has, we will help you to understand the root cause of the problem, and teach you hands-on techniques, leadership training and practical exercises to help you solve it. Your happiness is guaranteed.

Happy dog. Happy you. Happy neighbourhood. Book today.