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“Leadership isn’t telling someone what to do, it’s having them do what you want purely because they want to. I teach people about leadership every single day, and I’ve done so for the past 10 years. To have a happy dog, people need to be effective leaders. As soon as they lead effectively, their dog is instantly motivated to please them. The exact same principles are applied to staff within businesses and organisations. The one thing that drives me in life is helping people to have better lives. I do this everyday, and I’d love to do it for your staff too.”

~ Nathan Williams

Your pack (team) can become a group of people who are motivated to please you: a team of people who are passionate about their work, and who care about your organisation’s outcomes.

Why Choose Nathan Williams, the Dog Behaviour Specialist, as your corporate speaker?

You'll have an experienced, high-profile speaker.

Nathan is as comfortable in front of a camera as he is in front of a packed auditorium of people. Nathan currently has a prime time television show in the pipeline, and he features in a DVD that is played in nearly every vet clinic and pet store Australia-wide. He is also featured in an upcoming book about everyday leaders.

As a mark of respect, your presentation will be completely unique and tailored to your business or organisation.

Nathan doesn't have one blanket presentation that he delivers to everyone. He takes the time to understand your challenges, goals and triumphs and then tailors a presentation specifically for you.

For example, when Nathan was asked to speak at the Aussie Pooch Mobile International Conference, he organised his local Aussie Pooch Mobile franchise owner to come out and wash his dogs. By doing this he was able to see/understand how the organisation worked from the ground up and customised a presentation accordingly.

Nathan feels it is far more respectful to ask,
‘What do you need?’ rather than ‘This is what I offer’.

Fun, interesting and riveting presentations.

Nathan uses fascinating analogies and practical exercises to demonstrate concepts related to leadership, clear communication and creating balance.

You and your staff will receive practical, functional ideas that can be put into action immediately.

Nathan doesn’t feel he’s done his job unless people feel empowered to implement changes from the minute they walk out the door. He doesn’t just want people to ‘feel nice’, he wants them to take immediate action to improve their lives.

After hearing Nathan speak, you and your staff will feel motivated, passionate and (most importantly) empowered. Empowered to make positive changes from the minute you walk out the door.

To have a friendly, obligation-free chat about Nathan Williams as your next corporate speaker, please feel free to get in touch.