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Nathan's work in the Community

Nathan’s mission is to help people to better understand dogs in order to have happy and fulfilling relationships with them. Working in the community helps Nathan to achieve his mission.

Education through media interviews

Nathan is often asked by media organisations to provide insight into dog behaviour and to make comment about dog-related issues. No matter how busy he is, Nathan tries to make time for interviews on radio and television, or to be quoted in newspapers.

Nathan is especially looking forward to the launch of his television show, which will allow him to provide large scale education about dogs!

Rescue organisations

Nathan donates his time to the owners of particular rescue organisations to ensure that they have the skills to nurture a relaxed, balanced and happy pack. By helping rescue organisations, Nathan improves their chances of re-homing as many dogs as possible.

Committed to learning

Nathan has travelled to the U.S.A to learn about the innovative and effective ways that The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) re-home their dogs.

Nathan has partnered with Alex Dover to create Saving Man’s Best Friend, a forum to give dogs a voice.

“This is the story of 2 complete strangers, a dog behaviour specialist and an amateur videographer, brought together by a mutual friend and pure chance. Both shared the same passion for dogs and how important it was for them to make a difference to our best friend's lives. From their first meeting, it was clear as day this project had to happen

There will be plenty of emotionally charged and informative footage with everything from behaviour modification by one of Australia's leading experts - Nathan Williams, Dog Behaviour Specialist to the hands on action with the guys from Animal Welfare League. Not to mention the wonderful work that the selfless foster carers go through, highlighting their ups and downs. This series will show the story of a dog, you will see where problematic behaviours originate as well as modified and corrected.