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One affordable investment, not ongoing dog training
sessions. Backed by a 100% Happiness Guarantee

When your session with your Dog Behaviour Specialist finishes, your dog will be relaxed and happy, and you’ll be even happier! Happiness is usually something that money can’t buy, but when it comes to making your dog happy, it takes just one affordable investment.

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*Note: We request that all dogs be desexed after the age of 1 year old and should be desexed 1 month prior to us working with the dog. So if your dog isn't desexed, and is over 1 year old, you can desex, and then book 1 month in advance.


Problematic Behaviour Session
during Weekdays:
Problematic Behaviour Session
during Weekends  &  Public Holidays:
Additional dogs: $120 Each

*Please include all dogs in the household. Even if the additional dog(s) seem innocent and well behaved, we will still need to work with them to ensure positive results.


All Follow-Up Sessions are half the initial cost of your original session

Save thousands

We are constantly asked to work with owners who have spent thousands of dollars on weekly obedience training or repeated in-home dog training.

For example, one client had paid in excess of five thousand dollars with a number of different dog trainers, and Nathan was able to help the owner in one session.

Value for money

Nathan has worked with thousands of dogs over a 20 year period, so when you work with him, you benefit from the wisdom and experience of thousands of successful cases before you.

If you are looking for a cheap dog behaviour specialist, then Dog Behaviour Specialist is not for you. But if you want value for money from a dog psychologist who is experienced, knowledgeable and result-driven, then Nathan can’t wait to work with you!