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> What to ask when looking for Dog Training in Sydney?

What to ask when looking for Dog Training in Sydney?

Here’s a couple of questions to ask;

Do you use food to motivate Dog Behaviour?

The reason this isn’t good is because when you’re in a position where the dog is willing to choose something over food, you lose control which actually proves that you never really had it. This dog training technique eventually backfires.

Do you use commands?

A dog can respond to a command or word but never actually understand which allows for confusion and anxiety, this is why so many ‘Trained Dogs’ have some of the worst cases of anxiety that we come across.

Do you use drugs to manage dog behaviour?

Chemicals never cause the problem, a chemical imbalance is part of the result of the problem which means a chemical can never fix it. Nathan Williams also proves that drugs aren’t needed on a daily basis. When the source of the problem is rectified the chemicals within the dog naturally balance themselves out.

What guarantee does your Dog trainer offer?

If they don’t provide a full money back guarantee on the first day you work with them, then that dog trainer isn’t confident enough to show you how to properly help you and your dog. If they can’t prove how to do it, how can they expect you to?

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